EXCITEMENT ALERT! September 10th will be the start of the most awesome, fun and biggest give-away challenge ever seen on Better Raw, and quite possibly in all of the raw food multiverse!
Every day for 28 business days, I’m giving away prizes, that will blow your mind, ground you and make you more alkaline, all at the same time!
What in the name of Superman has possessed me to do such awesomeness? Well I will give you three pretty good reasons for this:
1. I go kinda gooey caramel for the digits themselves- ‘2’ because that’s already a team; ‘8’ because it’s not just a number, it’s symbol of infinity. 28 is the number of days it takes to form an unbreakable habit. I’m turning 28 this September and a gal’s gotta celebrate!
2. There are just too many companies that I want to introduce to you, any less than 28 doesn’t quite feel right. I hand picked each one myself, as I love, use and genuinely recommend each of the services and goodies which will be revealed to you daily.
3. In November (date to be revealed), I’ll be launching my online program ’28 Days to Acid-Alkaline Breakthrough’. I’m getting predictable here, I know. The AAB online course will give you access to MP3 recordings, charts, worksheets and daily tips to dramatically increase your pH levels from acid to neutral, so you can unleash your body’s potential to heal and feel permanently and outrageously healthy. Yeah!
How it works: 
  • From Monday 10th Sept until Wednesday 17th Oct- there will be a brand new exciting prize revealed every single working day (that’s 28 days!). 
  • You’ll have just 24 hours to complete a mini challenge for that day’s prize. Winners will be announced the very next day. 
  • If you are here for the first time, click on the most recently revealed image below to learn more about today’s prize and how you can win it. 
  • To never miss a day’s challenge, click here to register your email address. You will receive a fun daily note delivered straight to your inbox with a newly revealed prize.

Get the surprise daily announcement (I know you- there’s AT LEAST one day you’d definitely not want to miss), register now>>
                                                     DAY 1: Alkalising pack       DAY 2:  5 x magazines &
                                                     from The Nutri Centre        barley grass from Funky Raw
                                                     RRP £33.15 (US$53)           RRP £11.45 (US$18) each
        DAY 3: Living raw         DAY 4: 50min Health Coaching    DAY 5: Ceramild Ionic Head  
        breads from Pura Vida     with Pauline Hanuise x 4                from Alive Water UK
        RRP £22.50 (US$36)      VALUE £48 (AUD$75) each        RRP £147 (US$238)
                                                       DAY 6: pH strips from       DAY 7: Brownie collection
                                                       SimplexHealth x 4             from Gourmet Raw
                                                       RRP £8.99 (US$14.50)       RRP £9.95 (US$16)
     DAY 8: Younger You book     DAY 9: Superfood Pack     DAY 10: Sensitive Skinfood
     RRP £5.99 (US$10) each         RRP £37 (US$60)              RRP £61 (US$100)
                                                     DAY 11: Amatsu Therapy     DAY 12: Raw Protein Formula
                                                     with Lorna Clansey               from Purple Balance x 2
                                                     RRP £110 (London only)      RRP £29 (US$47) ea
   DAY 13: MP3 Lectures by     DAY 14: Choc Mulberries       DAY 15: Raw Food Coaching
   RRP £45 (US$73)                  RRP £5 (US$8) x 5                  Value US $800.00

                                             DAY 16: Pair UC Love bracelets     DAY 17: Universal nut milk
                                             from Universe+Chorus x 3             bag from Living Milk x3
                                             RRP £15.50 (US$24) both               RRP £10 (US$16) ea
DAY 18: Active Energy System   DAY 19: A choice of treatment      DAY 20: Raw Snack Box
with Adam Shaw                         from Platinum Health Services        from Rawgeous
RRP £147 (US $237)                    Value £60 (London only) x 2         RRP £45 (US$73)
                                                   DAY 21: Soapnut Starter Pack   DAY 22: Notecards or Design
                                                   from LivingNaturally  x 3         work by Natasha Bu
                                                   RRP £16.50 (US$26.50)            RRP  £8($13)  &  £60($96)
     DAY 23: 2 Large Juices at       DAY 24: eBooks by         DAY 25: 4 litres Aloe Vera Gel
     Neil’s Yard’s Wild Juicery        Better Raw x 3                drink from Forever Living x3
     RRP £13.60 (London only)      RRP £15 (US$24) ea       RRP £83 (US$133) each winner

                                                       DAY 26: Kale Chips        DAY 27: BE Green Smoothie Detox
                                                       from InSpiral x 4            from Tera Warner x 3
                                                       RRP £8 (US$13) ea          RRP £91.00 (US $147) ea

     DAY 28: Submit a smoothie photo

     to win a VITAMIX (UK only)
     RRP £459.00


Never miss a day of give-away announcements! Enter your details here and be the first to know what insane alkalising prizes are up for grabs daily>>
[Note the competition is open to any one worldwide, unless clearly stated on the day of the prize]


  1. says

    HOLY COW!! I’ve had quantum LEAPS in 2012 in order to bring the WORLD amazing Japanese Tea! I started my company Chiki Tea, started the Chiki Tea Academy (located in Ripley Surrey), wrote my book and literally just 3 hours ago received the pro to-type of my Chiki Tea Starter Kit with all the equipment you need for steeping amazing Japanese green tea.

    My brother committed suicide exactly one year ago due to severe depression. I am honouring his name and his spirit by educating the world on the power of green tea so no one has to suffer with depression like he did. I LOVE YOU EDWIN!!

  2. Chrissy Matthews says

    In 2012 I graduated! It’s a huge accomplishment for me since I just spent 6 years in and out of uni. I will celebrate by taking time off for a complete holistic cleanse. Many thanks for the opportunity to enter your lovely competition, Chrissy

  3. Jamie Camry says

    If I had one extra hour of unstoppable energy every day, I would devote it to running, because I’ll be unstoppable and I’ve never been able to run 15 minutes without stopping before :-)

  4. Anonymous says

    If I had one extra hour of unstoppable energy every day, I would dedicate it to long walks in the forest while listening to my favourite music. Veronika

  5. Anonymous says

    “If I had one extra hour of unstoppable energy every day, I would cycle to Greenwich and take the cable car over the Thames and enjoy the view.

  6. says

    I’d love to see a quick nutritional overview of a fruit, vegetable or raw ingredient every week. Perhaps also stating why it is so healthy. You could call it: “What’s in it”-Wednesday. Fb followers could share their favourite recipe idea of that fruit or vegetable in the comment section below :)

  7. says

    My alkalising tip is nettles.
    Picked in the woods for free, washed and dried (easily done by just leaving in a basket for a day or 2), stick in the dry jug of the vitamix and blitzed to a powder. Then just add a pinch to muesli, soups, smoothies, salads; just about anything.
    High in Iron, calcium to strenthen bones, silica to strengthen teath, Vitamin A, Vitamin K.
    Easy, quick, alkalising and free.

  8. Olivia says

    My alkalising tip is a sprinkle of Spirulina powder blended into a smoothie, not only is it jam-packed with protein but it alkalises the blood and really does help control cravings for sugar so you can choose to eat healthly when you want, rather than being at the mercy of hunger pangs!
    Olivia xx

  9. says

    My alkalising tip is to start each day with a lovely big green juice =) It gets everything moving in a nice calm manner and all that green gives your body a real ZING! My favourite: celery, cucumber, lime, mint, green apple, romaine leaves and a huge heap of kale YUMMMMMM!

  10. says

    My alkalising tip is deep breathing too.

    I have felt powerful benefits from this simple practice.
    When we breathe shallow, we don’t get rid of carbon dioxide like we should and carbonic acids build up in our system, acidifying us. Deep breathing also balances our nervous system, which helps keep our cortisol levels in check. (cortisol creates an acidic environment in the blood).So it’s doubly amazing, aaaand it helps us get more in tune with ourselves, it’s win win! :-)
    Oh and lots of green juice too!

  11. says

    My Top alkalizing tip is breathe deeply. Breath in for a minimum of 5 seconds and breath out for double that (10) and then hold with the breath out for another 5 seconds.
    This is specially great to do in the lung meridian time of 5-7am

  12. Anonymous says

    My alkalising tip is… take time each day to just be. Breathe deep and give thanks for the things you are grateful for. It will never matter how green you eat or how much alkalizing water you drink, if you are stressed and/or living with negative emotions you are creating an acidic environment in your body. Breathing deeply allows for oxygenation of your cells which alkalizes the body. Since we can not simultaniously feel grateful and negative emotions(fear, stress, hatred, anger, ect.), consciously choosing to feel grateful will be your best defense. Dont forget to smile!!! Rhiannon Kamper

  13. Anonymous says

    My alkalising tip is to avoid processed food along with alcohol and reduce stress levels. Also, increase chlorophyll-rich foods, greens in particular. Maria Small.

  14. says

    My alkalising tip is…drink more water! Waking up to a cup of water with a half a lemon is my number one alkalizing routine, as well as a tbs of apple cider vinegar in water throughout the day! Eating raw alkalizing fruits and vegetables will guide an alkaline body!

  15. says

    My alkalising tip is to start off every day with a green smoothie. It will make you feel great, nourished and satisfied, AND helps you make conscious decisions about your food choices during the rest of the day!!! It’s a simple start to a better (raw) you!

  16. says

    My alkalising tip is…..I try and eat mostly green foods and vegetables, especially raw ones. Most alkalizing are wheat and alfalfa grasses, fresh cucumber and most kind of sprouts.

  17. Tracie Somerset says

    My alkalising tip is to use dairy substitutes, such as rice milk, soy milk and almond milk, instead of real dairy products

  18. Anonymous says

    My top tip to alkalising, is learn your own pH. Not everybody needs to alkalise, some people need to reduce their alkalinity. We are all individual, and all different. Have a look at personalised metabolic nutrition. There is much evidence that if you send your blood pH the right way it increases health, and vice versa. There is no need to do the laborious tests tho’, there are other ways to find out whether you are over or under acid.
    Rawcreation do the best tasting cacao nibs I’ve tried, less bitter – yum.

  19. Anonymous says

    My alkalising tip is drinking bentonite clay & psylium husks mixed in water the first thing in the morning for a week from time to time to help me cleanse my body. Veronika

  20. Anonymous says

    I dont understand how to enter your comp. I have filled in the subscribe form and tried the ‘enter’ button but nothing happens?

  21. Anonymous says

    This looks spectacular. I am grateful beyond words to have found this page and to learn more about what alkalising products and companies are out there and especially about your upcoming program. Sincerely, Lindsay

  22. ella says

    I had a bit of trouble signing up too, I was using the first sign up boxes on the page and it wouldn’t work and kept asking for a token, when I scrolled down the page, there was another sign up box and I used that one and it seemed to work fine, maybe worth a go!

    • says

      Oh thanks, yes I see what you mean now, there is an HTML issue and I’m not that great at coding to fix this one unfortunately :( But I did delete the top sign up form completely to not confuse others. Thanks again :)

  23. says

    The giveaway sounds incredible! And I want to participate, but every time I hit the “enter now” banner it takes me right back to this page. I did sign up for the email updates. Please assist! =) Thanks!!! =)

    • says

      Hey Deborah,

      Did you sign up using your name? I can’t see your name on the list on those that signed up yet, perhaps you have an email sitting in your inbox asking you to click a link for doubt opt in still.

      This page is the correct one to be on, as the comp doesn’t begin till Sept 10th. If you are on the list, you’ll be the first to know once it begins and what the daily prizes will be :)


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