Seduced- Raw Chocolate Recipes to get very excited for


Please let me introduce to you my most recent and most satisfying project ever:

“Seduced- Raw Chocolate recipes to get very excited for”

And exciting it certainly is! I am finally revealing my secret and best collection of Chocolate recipes in one delicious downloadable eBook!!


22 original mouth watering recipes
Colour eBook with gorgeous photography
Only the healthiest raw enzyme and nutrient packed ingredients for every recipe
No special equipment needed, get started with just a grater and a bowl
Simple to follow instructions
Top Tips with every recipe
A matching tea suggestion for each chocolate, courtesy of Teapigs
A Superfoods Glossary

Here are just a few examples…

The recipes:
Dark and Daring ◈ White Chocolate Magic ◈ Caramel Cuties ◈ Goji Orange Crunch ◈ Dark and White Chocolate Coated Strawberries ◈ Marzipan Cigars ◈ All Day Peppermint (as opposed to After Dinner Mint) ◈ Rawtella (Raw Food “Nutella”) ◈ Matcha Moons (Green Tea Filling) ◈ Coconut Craving ◈ Chocolate Fudge Brownie ◈ Royal Peanut Butter Cups ◈ Spicy Hot Chocolate ◈ Fruit and Nut Clusters ◈ Cinnamon Truffles ◈ Vanilla Cream Filled Eggs ◈ Ginger Lemon Bites ◈ Raspberry Jam ◈ Oh Honey ◈ Mulberry Dreams ◈ Pina Colada Roulade ◈ Raw Food Praline Pies ◈ Ginger crunch cookies

“A very impressive collection of recipes and photography. The tone and feel of this book is what made it right to the top of my list. Congratulations, it’s a winner”
-Matthew J, Light Centre Publication

“I’ve probably samples more real chocolate companies than anyone else in the UK. Without any hesitation, Tanya’s chocolates are some of the most exquisite and flavoursome I have ever tasted”
Kyle Vialli, Pioneering Nutritionist
“More than just an enthusiast, Tanya has an impressive pedigree to advocate the raw food cause. It appears a dichotomy at first since how on earth can chocolate (or at least a realistic and satisfactorily indulgent look-alike) be accepted in the ranks of over healthy, weird-looking, often unappetizing raw food? Tanya dispels the myths related to raw foodism and demonstrates how delicious Raw Chocolate is”
–Tacita V, Blue Tomato Magazine
“I have tried every one of Tanya’s recipes and she does not cease to surprise me. The list of my favourites just keeps increasing – I started with goji berry, then peanut butter cup, then came the green tea, mulberry, mint – I didn’t even like mint before. And that’s just the taste, the presentation puts Tanya in another league”
 -Aija D, Pura Vida Food

“One word…Seduced!”
-Rachel S, Food for Soul


Would you like to create your very own drool worthy yet healthy treats? Download your own copy in seconds for just £15 (approx US$24) 


  1. Maria Small says

    Hey Tanya!

    Just got your ebook! OMG! They look amazing and those photos are beautiful! I’m almost drooling over my laptop keyboard :) Thank you sooo much, I don’t know which recipe to begin with! You seriously need to come to Ireland. Thanks again and have a fab weekend! Maria.

  2. Grace says

    Hi Tanya. I only just discovered your website and FB page this weekend, through some of the other pages/bloggers/websites I follow. I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered (and just received) your ebook. First time I have purchased an ebook! It looks great and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes :)

  3. says

    Wow Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your amazing comments, it means so much to me and I couldn’t be happier that you are all enjoying the book and your own creations from it!

    As for the molds, I tend to use most often, as they have a great range and 4 for 3 specials too!

    Many gift shops also stock chocolate molds, that I could never resist, so building up quite a collection here :)


  4. Anonymous says

    This book looks amazing! I can’t wait to start trying some of the recipes! Could you post a link to some of your favorite chocolate mold sites? I am only finding the basic shapes here locally, but really want to get some online…and you use really great shapes. For example the deep hearts in the White Magic, or the Vanilla Creme Eggs. I’d like to get some good mold sites per your recommendation. Thanks SO much!

  5. Kim Harper says

    wow, i just clicked on this and am overwhelmed at all the delicious recipes. wow. where to begin…………………

  6. says

    I’ve probably sampled more real chocolate companies than any one else in the UK. Without any hesitation, Tanya’s Chocolates are some of the most exquisite and flavoursome I have ever tasted


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