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Chocolate….there is nothing else like it. Chocolate is sensuous, passionate , adoring , comforting , luxurious, heartening, inspirational, enticing, sexual and exciting to all senses. This may as well be a description of a secret love affair. And no wonder we often end up feeling guilty for eating it.

But doesn’t chocolate grow on trees? Is it not a plant based product?

Indeed it is and as the matter of fact chocolate is the Number One source of anything in the entire world of Antioxidants. It contains Tryptophan- an important amino acid that produces serotonin, is an antidepressant and stress reducer, it is high is Magnesium- relaxing, calming and regulates hormonal cycle, has Flavonoids, Phenols and Catechins- that all contribute to preventing cardiovascular disease, has Chromium- good for sugar regulation and various B vitamins, proteins and iron.

But don’t go running to the nearest supermarket, because what you will find is nothing but a beaten up, abused, ruined and neglected by product of a beautiful Cacao bean. The chocolate industry roast it, toast it, heat it, microwave and kill all the goodness and noble elements, not to mention add loads of sugar, dairy and calories to it. The good news is there is a very easy way to get all the goodness out of this holy bean just by eating it raw (cacao nibs) with a dash of Agave nectar, the way Chocolate has been eaten for over 5000 years. For my most delicious simple chocolate recipe, scroll down.

I run regular Raw Handmade Chocolate making workshops in various parts of London. Sylvia, one of the lovely ladies that attended my recent class at Camden’s Alchemy Centre, kindly provided some photos she took. I decided to share them here, since the this information is a small fraction of points I reveal during the workshop.

Interesting fact #1: Cacao bean is rich in oxalic acid, which inhibits calcium absorbtion- something commercial chocolate and dairy industries wouldn’t want you to know and another reason to have raw chocolate.
Interesting Fact #2: The saturated fat in RAW chocolate does not elevate cholesterol, unlike commercial chocolate, meat or dairy foods, since cacao butter contains plant sterols such as sitosterol, which inhibit cholesterol absorption.
Interesting fact #3: The cacao beans are native to Mexico and since the time of the Aztecs were used as currency. Who was it that told me “money doesn’t grow on trees”?
And now for my DELICIOUS DARK CHOCOLATE, here is the recipe:

½ cup Cacao Butter
½ cup Cacao Powder
¼ Cup Agave Nectar (or less to taste)
Pinch Sea Salt

1. Grate Cacao Butter on a grater for easy melting
2. Gently melt cacao butter in a double boiler. Do not let water boil.
3. Add powder, stirring well to eliminate clumps
4. Add sea salt and agave, stirring through
5. Pour mixture in moulds or on a tray. Refrigerate or freeze and enjoy

It is just so much BETTER RAW


  1. Anonymous says

    Can you explain how cocoa butter or cocoa powder can be raw since they are extracted by heat?

    To my knowledge, mixing cocoa butter with cocoa powder is the exact same process than making chocolate. the only difference is that you are using agar agar..

    Please share,

    Thanks in advance,


    • says

      Hi Nathalie, for some reason I’ve only just been notified of your comment, hence the mega late response. Cacao powder and butter are extracted with low heat, in keeping with raw qualities and preserving all the living enzymes. Cocoa (note the different spelling too) on the other hand is roasted first. Even the colour is different, but the taste is much better for the raw choc, as it’s not bitter like the roasted one. Enjoy! x

  2. says

    Hi Simone, sorry I should’ve explained better- all chocolate contains oxalic acid, but my point was that the commercial chocolate industry love telling us about all the calcium we get from the milk in their products, which may be true, but it is totally useless to us as oxalic acid binds with calcium and makes calcium absorption unavailable. :)

  3. Simone says

    Tanya, Referencing Interesting fact #1: are you saying that “processed” or commercial chocolate has Oxalic acid and raw chocolate does not?

    Interesting fact #1: Cacao bean is rich in oxalic acid, which inhibits calcium absorbtion- something commercial chocolate and dairy industries wouldn’t want you to know and another reason to have raw chocolate.

  4. says

    Depends where you live :) I will take a wild guess and assume UK, so in that case you can get it from physical shops like Whole Foods Market, who stoch Detox Your World products, or get it online from Tree Harvest, Goji King and Funky Raw xx

  5. Anonymous says

    I was at the chocolate festival raw chocolate crush course and loved every minute of it,
    Thank you for the inspiration, I’m going to try the Reese pieces…
    would you kindly explain what the nutritional yeast is? and where can I find it?

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