Superfood Supperclub is back!

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  Hotel Chocolat has nothing on Tanya’s raw chocolate truffles.” – Goodness Guru “Tanya’s raw food restaurant in Chelsea has become the hot destination for health-seekers.” – Smallish Magazine “Everything at Tanya’s is hand-picked, organically grown, ethically sourced and not to mention raw living and gluten free. So you can appease your inner eco-warrior while… READ POST

The best raw food granola ever! At the best price ever!


I just returned from Holland & Barrett and had to tell you the news ASAP! There in my local Fulham store, right before my eyes, Superfoodies granola was flying off the shelves like hotcakes! No. Big. Deal… H&B is only the UK’s biggest health store chain and Superfoodies granola is only the healthiest raw food… READ POST

Master of the Month | Madeleine Shaw | Raw Cherry Chocolate Fudge Recipe

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I get to meet a lot of nice people working in the wellness industry but there’s always that someone who stands out and touches you with their beautiful spirit.  The very first time I met Madeleine Shaw she gave me the warmest hug and the loveliest smile, and I’ve seen her treat other friends, fellow… READ POST

We just opened Tanya’s #2 !!! (plus code for a free spinning class)


I know right? I only just managed to blink an eye and boom- Tanya’s Cafe is now in two locations! Oh man, I have so much to tell you. Before I reveal where this new location is- do you remember reading the post about my vision board or the ‘about us’ section on You… READ POST

Master of the Month | Kat Farrants | Power Wake Up Smoothie Recipe

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Kat Farrants is a former city solicitor whose experience of getting stressed out about getting to the very best yoga classes led her to ask the best teachers if they would make videos so that we could say when class starts.  She founded Movement for Modern Life in 2013. She is passionate about ensuring that… READ POST

Revealing my personal vision board for the very first time + Steps to create your own

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It may not appear this way, as I’m always on social media posting instant updates, but I’m a pretty private person. I work away quietly in the background, I’m what they categorise as a hermit, prefer to do many things alone, I keep a ‘sometimes’ diary and often don’t share half of what’s inside even… READ POST