FAQs on my IIN studies

Dear fellow student of life,


Last year you would’ve heard me rave about my studies with IIN…

It’s a widely known fact that The Institute For Integrative Nutrition is the largest nutrition school in the world. They graduate more people each year, than all nutrition schools in USA combined! The qualification is recognised worldwide, but many I know didn’t even do it for a certificate, they simply studied for their own health. It is no secret that the very best holistic doctors, health coaches, authors, scientists and nutritionists lecture at this prestigious institute.

I raved on and on about the most life changing, community fuelled, love packed, educational and inspirational year of my career, and now I’m excited to announce that as their graduate and proud ambassador- I’m able to pass amazing savings onto YOU!

This is a one-off Tax Day Special and the best discount I’ve seen for the course thus far. 

If you played your cards right, you might just find yourself with a little extra cash in your pocket after filing your taxes this year. And at IIN you can get upto DOUBLE your tax refund on tuition this year! Soooo if you pay in full between 9AM-5:30PM (New York time) or 2PM- 10:30PM (UK time), you will get upto US$2000 off The Health Coach Training Program!

That’s pretty insane, considering that even at full price, I whole-heartedly believe that the program is worth every penny.

Interested? Here’s what you can do next:

1. Read my answers to the FAQs about the course, below…
2. Call (877) 733-1520 or email for all the details. Tell Blair that Tanya Alekseeva told you about the Tax Day Special in order to qualify for up to $2000 off.



What would you say you gained by doing the course that you didn’t have (or know) before? 

When we first learn about raw foods and how life-changing this diet is, it’s very easy to get stuck on one point of view, because we are just so passionate to share our own experience with it. The thing is- there are hundreds of other dietary theories out there, because everyone is unique with highly individualised nutritional requirements.

“Personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure all influence your overall health and the foods that make you feel your best. That’s why no single way of eating works for everyone. The food that is perfect for your unique body, age, and lifestyle may make another person gain weight and feel lethargic.”

IIN taught me all about bio-individuality, introduced me to over 100 dietary theories and their pros and cons, which didn’t only make me more effective in my coaching practice, but got me learning so much about myself and what is optimum for my own body, immune system, energy levels and creativity potential.


Is it easy to manage your time with lessons/studying?

I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous to begin, because the year I chose for my IIN studies was also the year of other major life commitments, like planning my wedding, running a 28 day Acid-Alkaline Breakthrough e-program, organising my first destination retreat in Ecuador, releasing another eBook, marketing my workshops and launching the pH Booster- alkalising superfood powder. But as soon as I got started with IIN, I realised how much it helped me get disciplined and stay motivated. I looked forward to the release of every new weekly module and listened to the videos and podcasts while preparing dinner, going for a walk and even flying, since I could always download any lecture for offline use.  Listening to recordings only required 2-5 hours per week too, so even if I had a huge week coaching, I could always catch up quickly enough. The best piece of advice I could give is to print out course materials at the start of each new week, as many of my classmates didn’t realise that we get handed out all the slides and info presented by all speakers and as a result- spent far too long taking notes.


Has your coaching business expanded since the course?

I noticed that my coaching enquiries went up as soon as I began the studies. Then all throughout the course I was pleasantly surprised at how many people knew that IIN was the world’s largest nutrition school, as soon as I mentioned it. By the time I graduated, I had to take down the entire ‘Coaching’ page on my site, because I could no longer take on any additional clients. The most interesting turn of events though was that while I was learning about my own health and diet and how to listen more carefully to the needs of my clients, I discovered my true calling. It was with the help of IIN’s invaluable information, that I am confidently transitioning to the next stage of my career and launching the most exciting new project London has seen when it comes to raw food! [All will be revealed soooooon!]

Raw chocolate truffle recipe 5

The imperfectly perfect raw chocolate truffles

I had quite the honour to be invited to speak at yet another VegFest event last weekend. This time in Brighton, where it originated.

VegFest Brighton 2014


It’s a pretty good sign that your message needs to be heard when there are people sitting on window sills, standing up at the back and staying till the very end of the lecture even when the room is boiling. Needless to say I was humbled by the experience and grateful for all the connections afterwards too.

But that wasn’t even my favourite part! What was my fave is checking out all the stalls, learning about incredible conscious companies doing incredible conscious things and errr… eating!

So many delicious things to taste and buy, but the highlight for me was the most decadent, creamy, soft and buttery raw chocolate truffles from Cashew Catering.

I couldn’t possibly leave without quizzing the lovely CC people on what went into their tastiest truffles and amazingly, they shared their secrets with me! First thing I did once I got home was get cracking with my own version of the dreamy aftertaste and my GAWD!! Well you’ll just have to try this for yourself…

[Oh and if you'd rather buy these online, Cashew Catering can package them up and send them your way. Do it!]


Raw chocolate truffle recipe 4


For the soft filling
1 + 1/2 Cup Coconut oil, gently melted
3/4 Cup Coconut palm sugar, powdered
3/4 Cup Cacao powder
15 Drops Butterscotch or Hazelnut medicine flower extract
Pinch Himalayan salt

For the chocolate coating
Basic raw chocolate recipe
Tea leaves or rose petals to garnish

1. Gently melt the coconut oil in a double boiler.
2. Add the palm sugar and the rest of the ingredients, stirring well.
3. Line a tupperware box (I used a 14 x 14 cm container) with cling film and pour in the truffle sauce.
4. Transfer to the fridge and let it set for 3 hours. If in a hurry- freeze for 30 minutes.
5. Peel off the film and chop up the hardened chocolate block into uneven chunks. Transfer back to the fridge/freezer while preparing the chocolate coating.
6. When your chocolate coating is melted and well stirred, place a truffle chunk onto a fork and while holding it over the bowl containing the liquid coating sauce, spoon some of it and pour over the chunk, making sure to cover all sides. Sprinkle rose petals while still wet.
7. Place each ready truffle on tin foil, so it is easy to peel off afterwards and transfer to the fridge to set for 15 minutes.
8. You can eat straight out of the fridge, but to get the full soft/ decadent/ creamy truffle experience- take them out of the fridge to soften for one hour, keeping at room temperature and out of lit areas.

Raw chocolate truffle recipe 1

Raw chocolate truffle recipe 2

Raw chocolate truffle recipe 3


If you wanted to do even more with your truffles, spoon some Coconut Manna onto each chunk, add a frozen raspberry, then coat with chocolate! Or better yet, come to our Raw in Chelsea SupperClub on April 10th to sample these for yourself…
raw chocolate truffle 6

Karen Knowler _ Master of the Month _ Better Raw Tanya

Master of The Month | Karen Knowler | Kale Avocado Salad Recipe

When I first landed on UK soil five years ago and began to quiz every person and search engine on what the raw food scene was like here, there was one name everyone seemed to be familiar with.

The name was Karen Knowler.

Then I discovered about the ‘International Raw Food Day’ which happens every year on July 11th and the founder of it was none other than Karen Knowler. Then I began subscribing to ‘Get Fresh!’ Magazine, which instantly became my favourite read and found that its creator and former editor was also Karen!

I quickly learned about the amazing work Karen is doing locally and overseas and it became clear as to why she’s been hailed as ‘The World’s Premier Raw Food Coach’.  It has been a pleasure to interview this smart, powerful, gorgeous and ‘real’ woman.

Meet our March’s Master of the Month…

Karen Knowler _ Master of the Month _ Better Raw

Describe your typical day of eating and drinking.

As with a lot of raw foodies, almost every day is different for me. My “Eater Type” profile is Focused and Intuitive, so on one hand I like to plan for results and be organised in that way, but on the other I like to go with the flow! As you can imagine, this doesn’t always make for a straightforward time of it, but I do enjoy the contrast. That being said, I tend to start my day with a juice or smoothie, usually green, sometimes using a protein powder, or occasionally, if I have them, a young coconut smoothie, made from blending the flesh with the water. Always divine! For lunch, I tend to eat something quick and easy because I work from home and cater for myself with limited time. So lunch might be a fairly heavy smoothie if I had a juice earlier, some crudités with a dip if I’m not super-hungry, or a quick and easy salad, mixed with some beans or seeds for calories and protein. At night, I may eat out or make dinner at home. Because I have more time at night, and I’m also catering for my son, I tend to get more elaborate with my final meal of the day and so spend quality time creating a dinner I can get really excited about! While this changes from season to season, at this time of year it’s generally going to be a big juicy salad with plenty of leaves, tomatoes, red bell pepper, some red onion, beetroot, cooked asparagus and whatever else I choose to add – fat or protein. If I fancy something sweet later, which I often tend to do, then a bit of raw chocolate, something fruity and frozen, or a sweet kind of smoothie will normally hit the spot.

What (or who) inspires you to eat well and stay healthy?

Originally, my biggest inspiration was Susie Miller who founded The Fresh Network. I was 20 years old when I discovered raw food, and very soon after, I discovered Susie. To me she was the pinnacle of what great health is all about, especially because of being raw. Over the years, and as I’ve got older and have become a raw food aficionado myself, I’m now most moved by what I observe in my own body and energy levels as I try new ways of eating and exercising and basically “doing life”.

“I use my body as my guru, and make changes accordingly. If I want more information then I’ll go out and get it.”

If I had to name a person… I think the person who inspires me the most around health who’s still alive on the planet today would have to be… (this is hard, by the way!)… I’d pick Tonya Zavasta as my most inspiring raw food female and Brian Clement as my most inspiring male. Both are legends in their own right. Amazing individuals, truly.

What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food and how do you deal with that?

I’m actually very proud that I successfully addressed any perceived weaknesses around food many years ago. I never overeat, only eat when I’m hungry, I rarely eat for emotion, and…

“I don’t EVER feel “bad” about what I ate, no matter what it is, because I make a conscious decision about whatever it is before I eat it.”

I’m incredibly kind to myself around food, because self-love is vital. I learned that the hard way! Way too many people beat themselves up about what they eat, it’s heart-wrenching. I used to be incredibly hard on myself when I was younger about what I ate, and it only made things worse.

“Self-criticism or criticism of others is incredibly destructive – far worse than eating a slice of bread!”

So while I don’t feel that I have any debilitating weaknesses around food and eating, I definitely do receive lessons. And I learn them! And sometimes I have to learn them more than once – as we all do. And that’s okay.
Some people might consider the fact that I eat some cooked foods and other things that they might not expect to be a weakness, but I don’t see it that way. It’s a choice that I make and I do so consciously. I did 5½ years at 100% raw vegan and I loved it, but I don’t see it as sustainable for someone who lives my kind of life, and it’s not a goal for me anyway. As with all of us, this is my personal food journey, it’s ever evolving, and I take full responsibility for it. Most importantly I love it and enjoy it! And I keep learning. I truly feel free.

My top tip for:

Improving your diet is… adding green juice, daily.

Staying healthy while travelling is… a time to get really back to basics. Keep it fresh and simple, don’t use gadgets – you’ll feel so much better for it.

Detoxing is… a natural part of getting cleaner, and something to proactively pursue whenever you feel like your body needs a spring clean further down the line.

Immunising is... not my cup of tea, but I respect that everyone has an opinion on it and those opinions are generally pretty strong.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Hmm, good question! Of course, “I love you, mummy” or “You’re the best mummy in the world” is very hard to beat! But if we’re talking about my work…
Over the years it has, of course, always been lovely to hear great feedback or to hear how something I’ve said or written has changed someone’s life. None of us can hear enough of that! However, I think that the thing which sticks in my mind the most is a written testimonial on Facebook from a young woman who used my “Go Raw for a Day!” eBook to learn how to eat raw food 2-3 years ago. She shared how, for the first time in many years, she was finally able to sleep well at night and get into her car and drive without crying from pain because of eating raw for just over 24 hours. She had been diagnosed with cancer twice by age 32, and her life was a constant source of pain – literally. She was constantly taking pills for pain relief. To hear how my eBook had assisted in removing that pain from her body, heart and life was definitely one of the most amazing things I have ever heard. I actually think about her and her amazing story almost every day. I’m so glad she came back to share it with me, because most people don’t.

How would you like to be remembered?

First and foremost, as a good person. A person who lived with authenticity, the best of intentions, plenty of spirit and heart – because it’s true! Also, of course, as a wonderful mother. Being a parent is the most important job in the world and I take it very seriously every single day. If I can’t do that job right, then there’s something very wrong. Parenting comes before anything else for me.
Professionally, on one level, as someone who really impacted the modern health scene in positive and long lasting ways that enriched millions of lives. I feel good about what I have achieved so far in this field, training others is now part of that, and yet I know there is so much further to go. I also know that my work is beyond “just” raw food. Health is about so much more than what we eat. I know my work will continue to evolve, although raw food will never be out of my life or out of my heart. Eating raw is part of who I am.

If you got to keep only 3 of your belongings: 1 thing from your kitchen, 1 thing from your garden and 1 thing from your bookshelf- what would they be?

Kitchen = fridge – it’s amazing how much we rely on it. While I have a lot of great raw gadgets, I wouldn’t rate them higher than my fridge, I am still a fresh food + knife-and-chopping-board kind of gal!

Garden = my Buddha statue. Every time I look at him, all becomes well in the world, and I see him every morning as soon as I step out of my front door.

Bookshelf = This one is hard! I’m going to cheat a bit and say my Kindle as there are so many books I love that are sitting on there, but it’s still one thing! ;)

If you could host a dinner party for 3 guests (dead or alive)- who would they be and what would you serve?

Cheryl Cole + Tonya Zavasta + David Cameron (current British Prime Minister)
I would serve them the most gorgeous looking, delicious and satiating raw food menu I could possibly create that left them feeling excited, impressed and gorgeously fresh and happy – eager to find out more.

Why these three? Because Tonya would inspire Cheryl and David with her personal story, incredible wisdom and timeless beauty, and Cheryl and David specifically because they have massive worldwide influence in very different ways. There’s no end as to what could happen if all three of them were in a room together eating raw (especially with me in the mix to assist with the process!!).

Why do you believe that life is Better Raw?

Life is better raw because eating raw enlivens the body and connects you to your spirit like nothing else on earth – not even meditation.

“Eating raw truly runs deep – it’s beyond profound and 100% experiential. It’s transformation from the cellular level out.”

And when you are connected to your Self – your soul – in this amazing, powerful and liberating way, you too (just like your food!) become a force of nature. You become a force of nature that not only has the power to change your own life in incredible and amazing ways and to know what it is to touch upon your full potential, but also to have a hugely positive impact on your loved ones, community and even the entire planet. For me, “better” is a massive understatement!


Our Master of The Month shares her favourite raw food recipe…

Serves 2

Karen Knowler kale salad recipe _ Master of the Month

This is kale like you’ve never imagined it. This meal is delicious, filling and extremely nutritious – one of the best ways to get healthy greens and fats into your body in a way that feels good and looks good too. This is one of the most popular recipes at all of my classes, and the great thing is, all you need to make it is a good sharp knife!

8 generous handfuls of green curly kale
Sprinkle of Celtic sea salt OR Himalayan crystal salt
1-2 Tablespoons of olive oil
1 ripe avocado
2 large tomatoes OR a handful of cherry or baby plum tomatoes

OPTIONAL: 2 spring onions
OPTIONAL: 8 sundried tomatoes in oil
DRESSING: Squeeze of fresh lemon juice to taste

1. Chop the kale up into tiny pieces measuring roughly 1-2cm square and put into a bowl.
2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil plus a small sprinkling of your chosen salt to the kale and massage well into the leaves until they are glistening and look succulent. If they need more oil, add accordingly.
3. Chop up 1 avocado into small pieces, add to the kale and massage in well, coating the leaves. It is fine to leave pieces of avocado sitting amongst the leaves as well as coating them.
4. Chop tomatoes into small pieces and add to bowl. Similarly, finely slice the optional spring onions and sundried tomatoes – both of which I personally love.
5. Mix all ingredients well by hand – a very tactile and delicious experience! Make sure that all ingredients are spread evenly throughout the bowl.
6. Sprinkle with some fresh lemon juice and serve as is or pile high on to a plate and garnish with tomatoes or olives.


For more on Karen Knowler and to score some amazing freebies, including her famous ‘Go raw for a day’ guide, visit


A juice to calm your nerves and cleanse your body

Here’s what I woke up to yesterday…


I know! I have the best life.

Yes Yes I do! And it’s about to get even better. I am in New Zealand with the best in-laws a girl could dream of, the most amazing parents I spent all of my previous lives searching for, my bestie all the way from London, tomorrow my soon-to-be husband arrives, then my sister and her husband land from New York, then more friends and family will be coming together for a day I’ve been dreaming up ever since I can remember.

During what everyone keeps telling me is supposed to be the craziest, busiest, out-of-control time of my life, I am feeling pretty calm and collected.

There are many reasons I could factor into this state of being, but one that stands out to me the most right now is a mini juice cleanse. I did it back in London to reboot my system, release the toxins, mineralise my cells and calm my nerves.

Here is the recipe which featured more than any others…



2 handfuls snow pea shoots
10-15 snow peas
2 pears
1 apple
1 large cucumber
1.5 inch ginger root

- Slice all the ingredients to fit your juicer chute.
- Juice and enjoy.
[Serves 2]

Russell James _ Better Raw _Master of the Month

Master of The Month | Russell James | Smokey Maple Sunflower Seeds Recipe

When I first started blogging (I’m literally talking: my second blog post ever), and before I even knew that there was such a thing as internet etiquette and before I understood that it’s always a good idea to ask the original author about publishing their recipe online, I posted this>>

Luckily for me, Russell James didn’t mind, because he is cool like that. And the ‘cool’ bit, I happen to know for a fact, since we got to hang out on the coolest road-trip to the coolest place on the coolest day in history. Check out Russell’s post about our Stonehenge visit for Winter Solstice 21.12.12 and our 11:11 meditation, here>>

Apart from his cool, witty, fun and sweet character, Russell James also happens to be one of my biggest inspirations in the culinary world of raw. He is super creative and passionate about his insane food and you can see that radiating in all of his photos. It’s one thing to produce a stunning picture, but something else when it comes to producing an amazing recipe. Russ does it all! His ingredient combinations are flawless  and if there was ever a dude to make raw food sexy- he is your man.

Meet our February’s Master of the Month…

Russell James _ Master of the Month

Describe your typical day of eating and drinking.

It really depends on what I’m doing, and if I’m doing a harder workout, or just some yoga, or if I’m going out for a meal.  But I’ll start off with some tea and either chia porridge, or a smoothie with coconut water, frozen blueberries, Sunwarrior protein, maca and a little stevia.
Lunch and dinner are interchangeable for me.  Sometimes I’ll have a bigger lunch and a small dinner, and not eat very late.  So at the moment in the colder months I’m baking up some veg like butternut squash or cauliflower and having that with a big kale salad and some avocado or a tahini dressing.  I like spices, so I’ll usually have some smoked paprika or chipotle powder and maybe some cayenne too.
Another really popular meal for me is a salad with some cooked qunioa and some tree nut cheese.  That’s more the style of food in my Weekday Raw course – sometimes I’ll actually use recipes from that course.  I guess that’s a good thing, right? :)
I like to snack on fruit, or kale chips if I have them made.  I leave the fruit more for the workout days.
I’ll have several tonic teas throughout the day.  I love Elwin’s Lionheart Herbs blends and will have them with some stevia.  Of course, I will drink plenty of water throughout the day too.

What (or who) inspires you to eat well and stay healthy?

The way I feel on a daily basis inspires me to be healthy.  Having energy and a passion for life, and for living a life that’s not the norm really drives me.  I also love the vibrancy and the simplicity of raw foods; I love that we can thrive so much on plants!  It just seems to make so much sense.  Our time on this planet is so short, why wouldn’t I want to live with as much energy and vibrancy as I can.

What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food and how do you deal with that?

Dates!  I know they’re not good for my teeth, but when there’s an open pack of medjools around, you know, the really soft ones, I just cant’ stop myself.  I’ve read it’s good to swish water around your mouth after something sweet and sticky, so I do that and hope it helps.  I visit the dentist very regularly and everything looks good, so I guess I’m not doing too bad.

My top tip for:

Improving your diet is… Start learning about new foods.  There’s so many options out there, that if you genuinely find a few new foods and recipes that excite you, there’ll be no stopping you.  Motivation is temporary, so if you have the motivation to change things, that’ll only last so long.  Use that motivation to take some cooking classes and get some new recipes under your belt.  If you’re going to raw food classes, you’ll meet other people that are into their health too, which really helps.  To become a healthy person, you need to do things that healthy people do.  That means not just what you do in your kitchen, but exercise and social stuff.  The good news is that in the process, you’ll meet some amazing people that will keep you going.

Staying healthy while travelling is… It’s all about the preparation.  Car journeys are easy in terms of being able to take what you want.  Generally lots of water and some dehydrated things with a dip are great.  The longest car journey I did was a road trip from Austin, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona.  It was 16 hours of driving, so I wanted to stay alert.  I filled a cool box with a load of ice and just had liquids all the way.

Airplanes are a different story because there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to take food on, and even then you’d need to put it through the scanner, which I’m pretty sure is not good for it.  It really depends on the length of the flight, but if it’s not too long, just having water can actually be a good way to survive a flight and not have jetlag.  I love to do a netipot after being on a plane too, to clear out any nastiness in a plane.

Detoxing is… Breathe!  Did you know that 70% of the toxins that leave your body do so through your breath?  Deep belly breathing is so important for the detoxification of your system, and has so many other benefits too.

Immunising is… You know, this is such an emotive issue.  People get really passionate about it on both sides of the argument.  I always get negative comments and arguments start between people, whenever I post something on Facebook about the dangers of immunisation, which really surprised me.  I think my best tip for this is to get educated.

If you decide you want you and your family to not be immunised in terms of vaccinations, as I won’t be, then it’s got to be about making your system strong through good health, herbs, super foods, exercise and plenty of sleep.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

I had a lovely email from a 70 year old lady last week, about her being so happy with learning new recipes, she said I have added years to her life.  That genuinely choked me up, because it really brought me close to why I do this.  Not just adding years to someone’s life, but to make a difference in the quality of life that a person has.

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone with integrity that followed my passion, lead by example and did it all with a smile on my face.

If you got to keep only 3 of your belongings: 1 thing from your kitchen, 1 thing from your garden and 1 thing from your bookshelf- what would they be?

The kitchen is easy.  It’d have to be my knife.  Couldn’t live without my sharp knife.
I have a roof terrace, rather than a garden, and the only thing I have on there right now is my chiminea, but I really love it!  I haven’t really used it much because it’s been raining a lot, but as soon as I can get out there and enjoy it in the dry, I’m going to.  I can imagine some really beautiful nights of conversation and laughter are going to happen out there in the months to come.
I’m really into Audible right now, because I love being able to listen to books being read, often by the actual author, on the move.  So from my current collection I’d have to take Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix.  Simply because it gives me so much perspective on how amazing it is that we’re even all here!

If you could host a dinner party for 3 guests (dead or alive)- who would they be and what would you serve?

I’d make it boys’ night and would invite Bruce Lee, Russell Brand and Bill Hicks.  I’d want to have lots of flowing conversation, and for that I think I’d serve food that can be passed around.  Lots of really amazing tree nut cheeses, with fruit chutney, balsamic vinegar, pear crisps and crackers – they can all be experienced really nicely in a shared environment, and almost always really blow people’s minds as to what’s possible.  I wonder what Bruce Lee would think about raw food.  Bill Hicks was known as being really unhealthy and smoked a lot.  I’d loved to have added years to his life – we lost someone with so much more to give when he died.

Why do you believe that life is Better Raw?

It’a all about the vibrancy!  What you eat reflects the life you have, I’m sure of that.  Who wouldn’t want a vibrant life?


Our Master of The Month shares his favourite raw food recipe…

Serves 2

Russell James _ Master of The Month _ Sunflower Smokey Maple Recipe


This is a quick and hearty recipe that you’ll especially love if you like spicy foods with lots of flavour. I haven’t made the spice in this recipe too intense, but if you’re like me and want to increase the chili powder or add some cayenne powder, go ahead and do so!

Of course the chipotle chili will not only add to the heat, but will give you a beautiful smokiness to the dish.

If you really want to go all-out and replace the oils in this recipe with a smoked oil, you’ll create an incredible flavour that will make this an absolute staple.

2 little gem lettuce or similar, dressed in a little lime juice and olive or avocado oil
1/4 cup hemp seed

1 cup sunflower seeds, soaked 4 to 8 hours
1 cup sun-dried tomatoes (not the ones in oil), soaked for 1 hour or so
1/2 cup fresh baby tomatoes, halved
1 chipotle chili, soaked for several hours until soft
1 tbsp dark miso
2 tsp cumin
1 tsp chili powder
2 tsp ground coriander
2 tbsp olive oil
2 soft dates, chopped
1/4 cup water
2 tsp garlic powder
1 chili with the seeds removed and then finely diced
3 spring onions (green onions), diced
1 small handful fresh coriander (cilantro), roughly chopped

In a food processor, grind all the ingredients together, so they are broken down but still a little chunky.

Tear up your lettuce, toss in the oil and lemon juice and place in a bowl, ready for this seed mixture to go on top.

This is a great dish to serve to guys if they think they’re not going to enjoy raw food. It’s really filling and hearty and can be made even more so with the addition of some avocado.

Want a real treat?

Of course you do!

So here’s an incredible quesco fresco dressing to tip you over the edge. . .


1 cup cashews, soaked for 20 minutes
1/2 a red pepper
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon lime juice
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp tahini
1 clove garlic
1 green chili
1 shallot
2 tbsp coriander (cilantro)
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp salt

This is nice and simple and will make a beautiful dressing for a salad on its own, or as a sauce to top this dish with. Just blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth and that’s it!

This will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Have a dehydrator?

If you make smoky maple sunflower seed mixture into balls and dehydrate them, you can make this into quite a spectacular wrap!

Here’s what to do. . .

Make the sunflower seed mixture using the recipe above, but instead of serving it as it is, form into small balls and dehydrate at 115 degrees F for 8 to 12 hours.

To make the wrap itself. . .

3 cups peeled courgette (zucchini)
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 cup leek
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons olive oil

Blend all the ingredients using a high-speed blender, until they’re smooth. You’ll then be able to spread them out into 2 wraps approximately 22 cm (9 inches) across on a non-stick dehydrator sheet.

Dehydrate them for 6 to 8 hours removing them from the non-stick sheet and finishing on the mesh dehydrator sheet for the last 30 minutes or so.

Build the final wraps using lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, the dehydrated smoky maple balls, queso dressing, microgreens if you have them, and chopped spring onions. Wrap or just roll into a cylinder and enjoy eating!


Oh! And I loved those Thai Nori Rolls so much (see first paragraph), that I ended up buying Russell James’s Thai recipe eBook and every single other eBook he’s ever produced and a home study guide too! Yep, a fan and proud.

For more on Russell James and his work, visit

46-Tanya-Lush-Retreats (Low Res)-_D300801

1 DAY CITY RETREAT | A Guided Intro to Raw Foods and Yoga | London Workshop

Brought to you by Lush Escapes, our 1 Day City Retreat is set in an exquisite setting and designed to stimulate every part of your being as you experience tremendous healing and energising power of Raw Foods combined with Yoga. You will leave revitalised, nourished and empowered to implement all intro methods and delicious recipes into your new exciting lifestyle.

11:30 AM   Meet your peers over a green smoothie as we reveal secrets for energy & healing.
12:00 PM   Learn to detoxify and maintain your ideal weight naturally with our Raw Foods Intro.
12:30 PM   Immerse in a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga class enlightened with yoga history & philosophy.
13:15 PM   Discover amazing news on calcium and why it is not enough for healthy bones.
13:45 PM   Receive the nourishment of an easy nut milk & superfood shake.
14:00 PM   Learn foundations of Yoga, building strength & confidence in key poses.
14:30 PM   Discover 7 deadly poisons in your diet right now & tips to eliminate them.
14:45 PM   Enjoy a creamy cheesy sauce recipe demo!
15:00 PM   Equip your Yoga toolkit- techniques to de-stress, tone-up, energise & boost digestion.
15:45 PM   Incorporate desserts into your healthy diet and make scrumptious Energy Balls.
16:15 PM   Q&A, bonus success tips, resources and ongoing support.

Tanya Alekseeva is a wellness coach, author, chef and founder of Better Raw.
Colby Hanks is a renowned yoga and lifestyle coach and founder of Kinetic London.

“I came to kick-start my health and learned far more than I imagined. I’m ready to make some changes now”- Jay
“Amazing day, I’m so grateful. I loved everything about it. Much more than I expected. I will highly recommend this class. Thank you.” -Francesca
Where |  Slice Studios, 11 Heathmans Road, London SW6 4TJ
When |  Sunday 9th February 11:30AM-4:30PM
Transport |  Parsons Green Underground Station, map & directions
Fee |  £95pp or £160 for 2 people, includes all ingredients, materials and mats.

Sign up with a friend and receive a £30 discount, or give an amazing gift experience to that special someone. Book via Slice today>>

Please note that bookings are non refundable once made. If you are unable to attend the class, you may request to transfer your booking to someone else, but unfortunately you will not be able to swap it for another date, as numbers are very limited.

Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 8

Raw in Chelsea SupperClub | The Pictorial Summary

Last Wednesday night, we held our very first SupperClub in Chelsea’s beautifully tasteful myhotel.

It was all part of the Grand Plan and The Secret Project BetterRaw, which very soon will no longer be much of a secret, but what it will be is the latest and greatest news for all of UK’s raw food industry!

Excited much? I know I am. Too excited for words, so I’ll do my best in pictures. Here’s a summary of the night…

Raw in Chelsea SupperClub 17The boys of upstairs’ Pellicano Restaurant, helping to set up the room for 30 SupperClubbers.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 15Our lovely helpers, Shani and Kelly, both of whom were pure angels to me all day long.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 14

The first course was a Samosa Cone served over traditional Mint & Cucumber Raita and spicy radish sprouts.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 13

The room ready for the ‘magical mystery tour of all of your senses’.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 12Tables are set and Pina Coladas are waiting at the door for our guests.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 3

Overjoyed to be in this raw food sandwich with both of the SupperClub organisers’ other halves… Pretty Kate (Richard’s partner) and funny Elliot (my partner).


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 16

Second course of the night was this Avocado and Passionfruit Soup, served with Crunchy Cracker Boats.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 11

The third course was a Creamy Matcha Green Tea Cocktail with Dehydrated Root Veggie Chews (as seen in my eBook ‘Nourished- Comforting Raw Food Recipes for Winter‘).


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 4

Radiant beauties lighting up the whole room with those smiles.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 10

The fourth course- Romantic Salad of Mixed Greens in a Pink Raspberry and Beetroot Vinaigrette (also a recipe found in Nourished).


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 9

Years of waitressing pay off when you can deliver more than two plates to a table at once.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 8

And my favourite shot of the night is of this Moroccan Garden- the  fifth course. It was a visual satisfaction of Sundried Tomato Hummus, Sunflower Seed Falafels, Sprouted Buckwheat Spirulina Crackers and Veggie Chips.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 2

And the ‘almost whole’ team! From left to right: Richard, Kim and me.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 7

Getting the sixth course ready, which was a Palette Cleanser- Cucumber Ginger Sorbet and Carrot Orange Foam.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 1

Aside from not being able to taste and smell any of these pictures, the only other pity of reading this post is not being able to hear the stunning live music. Blue Muse’s Anne Malone and her team were simply sensational.


Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 6And the finale.. getting the dessert ready. We had a Sweet Trio of Raspberry (from ‘Seduced’ eBook), Chocolate Cinnamon (from ‘Festive’ eBook) and Choc Coated Hazelnut Cream.

Raw in Chelsea Supperclub 5


Wanna come next time? We sold out in record time for this one and no doubt that the same thing again will happen once we release next SupperClub dates. If you want to be the first to know, make sure that you are on the list, sign up here>>

The one clue I can give you is that it won’t be until I get back from NZ (as a married woman!!), so if you’d like to attend a class of mine before that- the last workshop I’ll be running for at least two months is our Lush Escapes 1 Day City Retreat. Join Colby Hanks and me for our signature class and a guided introduction to raw food and yoga. Sign up here>>


28 Things you probably didn’t know about me

Exactly ten years ago this week, I faced all of my fears and jumped out of a plane. Today I am facing my fears and exposing online, things that only my closest friends know about my life.

What’s incredible is how in the very act of doing so (and for a long long time after), it is when you grab those fears by the horns, that your entire perspective on them changes. I never thought that I could go skydiving, but the second my feet touched the ground I enquired about getting qualified so I could do it over and over again. As I nervously publish this post about my personal life, I am reminded that YOU are also a close friend, that you are only reading this because we are supposed to connect in this way and that we are here to support one another. It feels so good to share my world with you and  I’m grateful for you every day.

So ‘fear’, my friend, is just an illusion. We have all come from love, love is what we are and it is where we are going. What ever happens along the way may be out of our control, but the way we react to it and the way we feel isn’t.

So here we go…

28 Things you probably didn’t know about me (in no particular order)…

1. My full name is Tatiana Vladimirovna Alekseeva. My family call me Tata. My sister calls me Bro. To my friends, I’m Tanz, Tootsie, Tits, Tats, Taniwha, T, TanTan, Tanka, Tina, T-dawg and Meatball.

2. I don’t remember my dreams.

3. When I learned to hypnotize myself each night before bed to remember my dreams, I saw all kinds of events which haven’t occurred yet but soon came true, exactly the way I saw them in my dreams. I don’t like knowing my future, so I stopped the hypnosis.

4. I like to eat chocolate first thing in the morning.

5. I coach others to menu plan and shop for groceries one week in advance, but go grocery shopping daily myself. It gets me out for walk and fresh air.

6. Most people aren’t able to guess which is me the first time around:


7. I don’t like labels or dogmas and refuse to refer to myself as a raw foodists, a vegan or a vegetarian. I eat whatever tastes good and is good for me. Therefore, the only label I’m comfortable with (and love) is being a Nutritarian.

8. I was always ‘the sober driver’.

9. If we were granted top health and body no matter what we ate and no animals would suffer for our actions, I’d include tiramisu, milk chocolate, cheesy arancini  balls and red wine to my daily menu.

10. For years I thought that I’d be an art teacher. Now I teach healthy eating and recipe creation is my art. I guess you can say, that I’ve made it! :)

11. I used to be a children’s face painter and a balloon sculptor.

12. My fiancé Elliot and I were already living together before we started dating. I suppose if you can be flatmates first, then you’ve got a good platform. I can honestly say that it’s possible to love someone more every day of being together.

13. For nearly a year, I attended two entirely different universities, studying two entirely different full-time degrees, until I experienced what a break-down feels like for an entirely first time.

14. Blonde isn’t really my natural colour.

15. I’m a total homebody. And prefer to work from home, study from home, run my coaching practice from home, develop recipes from home and host parties here too (can you tell that I’m typing this from home?).

16. Travel is my sport. That’s about the only time I’ll refer to myself as very sporty.

17. Elliot and I got to drink tea with the Queen.

18. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. Unless if my parents asked. I’d do anything for family.

19. I drink at least three cups of peppermint tea at home every day. But if I am out, I’d never go for peppermint, ever.

20. I’ve never missed an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I often fantasise about being Kourtney’s raw food coach, Khloe’s channeller, Kim’s chef and Kris’s best friend.

21. I couldn’t hit a musical note if my life depended on it.

22. If I had to choose one food to live on for the rest of my life- I’d choose avocados. Close second is chocolate.

23. If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be loyal. Close second is awesome.

24. I love to have a clean floor. Highly dislike cleaning it though.

25. I never learned to drive a manual.

26. I have one younger sister. She once gave me a birthday card, which on the outside read: ‘To my sister, if you were any cooler…”, then on the inside: “.. you’d be me”. No handwritten message, just a store bought empty card. I thought it would be funny if I gave it back to her on her next birthday. We’ve now been sending each other this very same card for nearly 10 years. Oh and it’s full of little handwritten messages.

27. By the age of 23 I was a property investor for the third time.

28. Apparently I laugh in my sleep. A lot.

So there we are. If there’s anything else you’d like to know or anything you’d like to share yourself, hit me up in the comments below!

Aloe vera

Home Remedy for Food Poisoning

Unlucky for my poor fiancé (who spent most of the night hugging the toilet bowl), but lucky for your knowledge bank… Elliot’s unfortunate meal choice yesterday, brings me to share my top food poisoning cure, so you don’t have to suffer again.

Food poisoning sucks! I’ve had it once and that was enough to know that it was the most awful 24 hour experience of my life.

Before I get suggesting what you could eat, I must point out that if your body is doing its mightiest to dispose of the offenders in any which way it possibly can… let it. Poop the night away and don’t even try to hold back the vom. Let it aaaall out.

Our miraculous body does everything possible to fight for us, so when it knows that something within its temple is causing you harm – it will push, shove, kick and scream until the enemy has left the building. But it will probably become weak and exhausted from the fight, so it’s vital that you replenish it with goodness.

There are two ingredients to have on hand:

Aloe Vera
Coconut water (or celery)

Aloe vera is simply a wonder food. It is packed with essential minerals and vitamins, which every one of your cells would be begging for right now. It is soothing on the stomach and has a pain-killing and antiviral effect, all while restoring the balance in your gut.

We have a whole aloe plant growing on our window-sill and I often add it to our smoothies or when doing a juice cleanse. You can buy it from your nearest plant nursery and fillet it yourself (click to see how) or you can stock up on readily extracted drinking gel (purchased here) and store it in the fridge.

As for the coconut water- it is vital for the electrolytes, which you’ll need if you want to regain energy quickly. The word ‘electrolyte’ itself is no different to ‘electricity’ in the way it lightens up and turns on your bodily functions. When you drink coconut water, it acts fast to deliver the electricity to all of your cells. Celery also has plenty of electrolytes, so if you don’t happen to stock any fresh and good quality coconut water, then juice some celery and dilute it with pure water.

Once you have your two magic ingredients, simply blend them together and drink. It may seem impossible to think about swallowing anything right now, but believe me- you will be so happy that you did.

Cheesecake _ Strawberry Raw Food Cake by Tanya Alekseeva 2

The Best, The Original, The Healthiest, The Raw … Strawberry Cheesecake

I love me a little cheesecake. Sometimes I love me a lot of cheesecake. But either way, my freezer usually has some sort of cheesecake inside it, you know- for a rainy day.


All you have to do is enter ‘cake’ or ‘cheesecake’ into the search box on this site, just to see how many recipes I’ve already posted here of my sweet creations. But no matter how many flavours I could try, nothing quite beats the original: strawberry is the best ever!


Serves 12

Cheesecake _ Strawberry Raw Food Cake by Tanya Alekseeva 1

For The Equipment
Food processor
Stove + small pot
9 inch adjustable bottom cake tin

For The Base Layer
1 cup pitted dates, soaked for 2 hours if too dry
3/4 cup Brazil nuts
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1/3 tsp Himalayan salt

For The Cream Layer
2 cups cashews, soaked overnight
1 cup coconut oil, gently melted
1/2 cup lime juice (about 2-3 limes)
2/3 cup xylotol
2 Tbsp vanilla extract
optional: water as needed

For The Strawberry Layer
1 Tbsp Agar Agar
1/2 cup pure water
2 cups fresh strawberries
1/3 cup coconut oil, gently melted
5 medjool dates, pitted
1 Tbsp coconut sugar

- Make the base first by placing all the ingredients into a food processor with a S blade. Pulse until the mixture starts to form into one big sticky ball. Transfer into a cake tin and press it down with your fist to form a crust.

- Place all the Cream Layer ingredients into a blender and blend to a smooth creamy consistency. Leave the water out if you are using a high speed blender, but for an ordinary blender you may find that it helps the machine to work better with a little added water. Pour the cream over the crust and transfer to the freezer.

- Mix Agar Agar with 1/2 cup of water in a small pot, bring to boil and stir for 2-3 minutes until Agar flakes dissolve entirely. Pour this gelatinous liquid, as well all other Strawberry Layer ingredients into a blender. Blend on high until creamy and pour it over the cake.

- Transfer to the freezer for 3 hours to set and let it remain there if you don’t plan to eat the cheesecake straight away. You can eat it right out of the freezer if you like an ‘ice cream’ type cake, but for the soft creamy version, leave to defrost in the fridge for 2 hours before serving.

Cheesecake _ Strawberry Raw Food Cake by Tanya Alekseeva

As soon as you try the recipe, I think you’ll agree with me, that it’s just so much… Better Raw.