We just opened Tanya’s #2 !!! (plus code for a free spinning class)


I know right? I only just managed to blink an eye and boom- Tanya’s Cafe is now in two locations! Oh man, I have so much to tell you. Before I reveal where this new location is- do you remember reading the post about my vision board or the ‘about us’ section on www.TanyasCafe.com? You… READ POST

Master of the Month | Kat Farrants | Power Wake Up Smoothie Recipe

Kat Farrants_ Better Raw_ Master of the Month

Kat Farrants is a former city solicitor whose experience of getting stressed out about getting to the very best yoga classes led her to ask the best teachers if they would make videos so that we could say when class starts.  She founded Movement for Modern Life in 2013. She is passionate about ensuring that… READ POST

Revealing my personal vision board for the very first time + Steps to create your own

tanya maher_ vision board_ how to_ 2014

It may not appear this way, as I’m always on social media posting instant updates, but I’m a pretty private person. I work away quietly in the background, I’m what they categorise as a hermit, prefer to do many things alone, I keep a ‘sometimes’ diary and often don’t share half of what’s inside even… READ POST

New Year Alkaline Cleanse – ready for pick up from Chelsea


There is no better way to start the New Year than with a detoxifying cleanse to alkalise your body after the festive season. This is not just another juice cleanse or a raw food detox. After running the popular Acid Alkaline Breakthrough program and coaching hundreds of clients on boosting their pH levels, I designed a… READ POST

Raw Yoga – Fire Up Your Digestion for 2015

raw yoga brunch

Mona and Tanya are back together after Raw Food & Soul Adventures Retreat in Ecuador and want you to experience a mini morning retreat of your own in London. Begin the day with a pre-workout digestive shake, as Tanya demonstrates how you can make your own at home. Learn what crucial ingredient you need to… READ POST

Permission to go wild this Christmas + my book deal with Hay House!

Hay house_ tanya maher_ the uncook book

Have you seen the Get Fresh! Winter 2014 issue yet? It’s my favourite read at any time of the year, but Christmas in particular, so needless to say, I was over the moon to be interviewed for this issue. It was an even bigger treat to see the interview turn into a SIX page spread!! Do… READ POST

The Winter Recipe Round-Up, No Dehydrator in Sight

raw food winter recipes

The UK has seen such a gorgeous and long summer, that I still get shocked each time I walk outside nowadays. I forgot what it’s like to be cold and my lordy it is coooold! Winter is well and truly here, or so it seems, and right around this time is when I dust off… READ POST